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aman shastri ji helps the enemy problem solution immediately : -aman shastri ji gives you the mantra for the solution of your enemy. this is considered a very powerful mantra to destroy enemies. this is a completely aghori protection mantra from rudrayamala tantra. mantra is a stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. this mantra must be recited 108 times takes the name of the enemy, which hurts you. this has been said in tantra will ruin his intellect. i ask you to be careful in carrying some of the mantras which i have given. these are not to be taken lightly and used for fun.

enemy problem solution immediately through which the person deprived of success. enemy creates many problems in priest life. the enemy is the greatest obstacle to a successful priest lives. liberation from enemy should take steps otherwise you cannot get success in your life. many of the people to get the enemy problem in india take help of vashikaran or black magic to solve their problems. to get success in life, it is the shortcut by which you can touch all heights of success. enemy problem is not the minor problems in any person's life. it is so very difficult to obtain relief from the enemy.

some enemy is dangerous to your life or may be badly burned. do not think that the enemy in life is not the major problem. through black magic can protect you. when you start the worship of goddess kali when she makes a pulling shield on you. this protective shield protects you from any negative effects of the enemy. the worship of the goddess kali, you get everything in your life that you want or need most. kali is responsible for the destruction of the enemy. after receiving this shield protection even enemy thinks negatively about you since the goddess destruction as enemy.

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